Valentines Day (Armenia)

We got a few hours to kill before boarding the nightbus to Medellín.It´s Valentines Day. A is sound asleep, stretched out on row of bright orange plastic seats.

Me and M are sharing a bottle of water and a bag of chips. We´re watching a bad movie on one screen and the Colombian version of the X-Factor on another. We´re scratching a stray dog who seconds before frantically rubbed his back against the polished terminal floor to scrub off some fleas.

We laugh about it, comparing this to a Tapas restaurant a few years back: candle-lit dinner, red wine (beer for me), music finely tuned in to the mood of fifty other couples desperately trying to bring romance on cue.

The dog wags his tail. The locals look at us with disgust for even being near him. An elderly black man gets really excited towards the end of the movie although it´s one of those you know within five minutes how it´s gonna play out (man, woman hate- man, woman marry, get a baby) but he´s shouting and gesturing towards the screen, like a kid at a theatre, “watch out behind you”, me and M brake the last chips in exactly equal halfs, holding hands.

Changing positions every two minutes because our asses gets numb from the uncomfortable chairs.


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