As M&A leave for the zoo I walk around the colonial environments of San Antonio and I stop at the park we all visited yesterday. At an establishment consisting of a fridge and four tables, two men enjoying their saturday with a table full of empty beer bottles calls me over.

It´s Carlos and Archimedes. I stumble on my retarded spanish. Carlos knows a few words of english. Archimedes none. But we get by. Carl0s can´t thank me enough for coming to Colombia, for not buying into the public image of death and despair, he loves Colombia, he sings it out loud. Carlos favourite song is “Life is Life”. He´s 40 years old. Carlos favourite buddy is Archimedes.

Archie is a craftsman; he carvs wooden figurines, makes braces and bracelets. Carlos work at a foodplant factory, down in the industrial district. We passed it coming in: like every industrial area elsewhere, grey, big, unforgiving.

They teach me some spanish slang rated x. I try to teach them some swedish, but they´re not that into it.

We beer the afternoon away. It´s nice. But I treat Archimedes to some snus, little bags of nicotine you put under your lip, and although I try to warn him about the possible nausea coming if you´re a rookie, his previous level of intoxication and the nicotine makes him rush for the bathroom and when he comes back out he puts his head on the table and nods off.

That´s my cue to say goodbye.



2 Responses to “Calí”

  1. Cool blog here. I love Colombia as well. My heart is there and I just simply love it. I hope to visit Santa Marta soon with my novia

  2. Thanks man!
    If your heading to santa marta in a couple of weeks me and my novia´s gonna be there too!

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