The Pipeline Palooza Hangover

It seems to me president Obama didn´t say “no” to the Keystone XL Pipeline- this massive stretch of an oily steelsnake running a proposed course from the western canadian tar sands over enviromentally sensitive areas in Nebraska and finally hawking up its crude bitumen in refinerys way down in Texas and the Mexican Gulf- he said “wait a minute”.

Because much like Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, he likes to get kissed when he´s getting fucked, and he didn´t appreciate the rushed deadline slapped on to the approval-decision by republicans and Big Oil. In short: he didn´t want to be bullied into it. And he wanted to wet his finger, put it up in the air to see where the wind blows.

And the supporters of yet another major investment in a dead-end industry was so sure that if their humanitarian cause of creating tens of thousands of new job-opportunities wouldn´t make Obama buckle under pressure, the energy security issue would.

I´m afraid it will. He´ll force them to draw another route avoiding the pinpointed strip in northern Nebraska, trying to score some political goodwill in both camps. The alternative just isn´t there, and environment has not only taken a backseat, it lays gagged and bound in the trunk of a big wheeled cityjeep ready to devour every last drop of organic muck we´re able to suck up.

With recession and unemployment, there´s no time like the present to make a sound economic argument- not only that hippie tree-hugging shit of saving mother earth- to going all in for a green industry, but the Durban-summits was sort of the final curtain for rallying worldwide signed/sealed support for this transition. It didn´t happen.

There´s a lot of numbers in the air surrounding the pipeline project, how many jobs it actually would create in the long run, after the initial phase of getting the structure in place, but maybe the tar sands is the way to go since it appears a bit more labour intensive than the maintenance of a pipeline or an oil rig. The tar sands swallows whole communities of Indigenous people, making shareholders out of hunters.

Then, after the arctic is really opened up and we dig our heels in and do a solid job of spills and thrills, the post Exxon Valdez 25 year clean-up raid will seem like nothing, so we´ll have a steady workforce stationed up there  picking up oil-drenched birds and dead fish long after the last oil rig left to rot and rust crumbles into the Arctic ocean.

At least when the time comes, we can light up our cigarettes, fill up our tanks and let our combustion engines roar as we speed towards the sunset.

Slowly roasting like little baby-chickens.


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