A little slice of paradise

Picture me in the back garden of a colonial hostel; it´s pitch black except from the porchlight attracting two big moths, big enough for us to mistake for bats the first time they smack-dab their thick insectian bodies into the glassbulb around the light. Picture me with the better part of a twelve year old sherry-oak caged Highlander still in my glass, I know it´s like throwing pearls to a swine since I just as well could be sitting here with an Jack Daniels and coke, but all the more reason for envy.

Picture me just letting a little string of smoke curl up against the night-sky, soundtracked by the jungle and a couple of stray dogs in the distance.

We´re in Choroni, a small beach-village in the Henri Pettier national parc.

Now picture me slowly strolling to the beach, I´m into the carribean groove, I got my flip-flops on, an inflated matress stuck under my arm. We´re the only foreign people here anyway so no need to try to disguise the tourists in us.

Now picture the beach opening up, surrounded by these soft-sculptured mountains, shrouded in mist at the peaks; this has truly got to be the smoke of a content creator, putting his feet up, puffing on a cigar. Picture the waves rolling in, breaking off and rushing the beach in a roar of warm, white, caribbean foam.

There´s some vultures paragliding high up there, wings spread, majestic, looking down on all the potential meals on the beach.

Now picture me getting out of the water, the salt already turning to a sticky crust, a little dizzy with emotion and the physical force of the big waves knocking me around a bit out there. I lay myself down on the sunbed. I´ll roast my swedish/finnish skin into a beautiful bright pink. I buy an ice cold cerveza from the beach-vendor. There´s a tropical breeze.

Now picture me napping.


6 Responses to “A little slice of paradise”

  1. Johannes Y Says:

    Picture hit, picture dit! Var e bilderna, e min fråga?

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